Heat Maps

Visual tools, like heat maps, allow us to present our data in engaging ways that make immediate sense to the viewer. Which is important as we consume data at an increasingly rapid rate.

Google Analytics and Power BI

Using Power BI, Google Analytics and your practice management system you can understand how digital marketing efforts align with matter intake.

Power BI Blog Series

Join me in this blog post series as we explore how Power BI can be creatively used within law firms to empower business decisions. Let's make your data dance.

Merger, international expansion and re-brand

We are excited to announce a merger between Nymbus Business Services (“Nymbus”) and Business Network Solutions Singapore (“BNSS”). This new relationship will enable both companies to offer greater levels of service to the Australian and Asian markets. On 1 August 2018, Nymbus officially expanded into the Asia region, with a primary presence in Singapore. We […]
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  • On September 10, 2018
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How to create one-page management reports that drive performance

I’m a big fan of one page management reports. Clear, concise, well-presented management reports are a critical element in achieving a firm’s strategic objectives. They provide partners and practice managers with the necessary feedback to check whether their day to day decisions are progressing the firm towards achieving its goals. Depending on the firm’s vision […]

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