FLIP Legal Session – Deploying Magic at your Firm

Description: Verlata will be holding its inaugural FLIP event this November. Titled ‘Deploying Magic at Your Firm’, we believe that technology solutions should be simple, understood by everyone, innovative and most importantly, smart. In this session, we will explore features across several core functions of a legal firm, i) Document & Intelligence Lifecycle Tools, ii) […]
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  • On October 31, 2018
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Merger, international expansion and re-brand

We are excited to announce a merger between Nymbus Business Services (“Nymbus”) and Business Network Solutions Singapore (“BNSS”). This new relationship will enable both companies to offer greater levels of service to the Australian and Asian markets. On 1 August 2018, Nymbus officially expanded into the Asia region, with a primary presence in Singapore. We […]
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  • On September 10, 2018
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Cloud contracts – 3 questions to ask before signing

Every day we speak with firms (big and small) who are using cloud software. This could be an accounting package (Xero etc.), email (Office 365 etc), practice management software (Corematter, Actionstep, Clio etc) and the list goes on. Being in the IT business and partnering with cloud products, this is very encouraging to see and […]

Email Marketing: A Primer for Lawyers

If it didn’t work, you wouldn’t get spam. Email marketing is a different beast from SEO or PPC, where you are attempting to lure first-time visitors to your website to sell them on your services. With email marketing, you already have access to the audience. The question is: how can you effectively get new business […]

Paperless law firm – Part 1 – Identifying the benefits

For as long as I’ve worked in law firms (over 12 years), there has always been discussion relating to the ‘paperless office’. I’ve seen many gallant attempts in my time, but very few who have nailed it. During recent discussions with clients, it’s apparent that even though there is an appetite to move to a […]

Effective Management Reports – you don’t need to be a numbers guy!

Having worked with many different businesses over the years I have seen both the good and bad of management reporting. Even from large companies, too often management reports are pages and pages of figures that measure every conceivable thing possible but don’t tell management anything useful about how their business is performing. Some of the […]

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