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Meet the Verlata team

Steve Pickering.

Director, Australia.

Steve manages the accounting practice of Verlata.  He has more than 20 years’ experience in providing accounting and tax advice to clients. He provides specialist advice to professional service firms and small businesses with tax planning, tax structuring and income tax issues.

Steve also has substantial experience assisting clients with their business processes. He provides business improvement consulting, process improvement and implementation of practice management and document management solutions.

Steve is a registered tax agent, Fellow of CPA and holds an MBA.

Contact Steve about: Business Improvement Consulting, Accounting and Tax Services, Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions.

Jason Mills.

Director, Australia.

Jason’s passion is to help businesses achieve their strategic and technical goals.  Having worked in law firms for over 12 years Jason understands the unique challenges and risks that firms face on a daily basis. Jason, through his hands-on experience, has developed strategies to solve and mitigate these challenges.

His background covers both technical IT and IT management which provides him with the ability to align IT and business objectives to achieve excellent outcomes for firms.

Contact Jason about: IT Advice, Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions, Web and Application Development.

Daniel Chan.

Director, Singapore.

Daniel strives to bring technology and ideas to firms looking to modernise, through the adoption of platforms that assist the practice and business.

His passion also lies in bringing technology into new markets and working with firms to deliver a consistent message internally and to their clients.

Contact Daniel about: Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions, Implementation, Training, Technical Support and Application Development.

Amy Ferguson.

Software Implementation Specialist, Australia.

Amy has recently joined the team at Verlata Consulting, having a primary legal background working in practice management and as a paralegal for over 13 years. This experience helps Amy understand our client’s needs and to effectively utilise their Practice Management and Document Management Systems. Her experience in training legal staff assists our clients in ensuring a smooth transition to use our software in the most efficient way possible.

Contact Amy about: Practice Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support, Implementation

Carly Johnson.

Senior Accountant, Australia.

Carly joined Verlata in July 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).

Practising as a small business accountant for 5 years, preparing tax returns, financial statements, business activity statements and SMSF annual returns. Carly’s passion lies in providing strategic business and tax planning advice to achieve the best results for her clients.

Contact Carly about: Accounting and Tax services

Cheryl Chen.

Client Onboarding and Training, Singapore.

Prior to her role at Verlata, Cheryl oversaw the operational management of a medium size Singapore law firm. Cheryl brings with her, experience in implementing efficient workflows, combined with technology platforms to help bind a firm together. Cheryl is focused on deploying Practice Management Systems for Singapore law firms, providing valuable insight, recommendations and advice.

Contact Cheryl about: Practice Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support, Implementation

Ellen Howard.

Software Implementation Specialist, Australia.

Ellen is the Software Implementation Specialist for our NetDocuments and Xakia clients. Ellen’s role is providing a customised experience best suited to each client’s requirements to ensure a smooth transition throughout the project. This incorporates design and configuration of the software, providing technical advice and solutions, change management and training and support. Ellen is enthusiastic and innovative in her approach and prides herself on designing suitable Document Management Systems which help overcome inefficiencies in each client’s workplace.

Contact Ellen about: Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions, Email Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support and Implementation.

James Chan.

Client Onboarding and Training, Singapore.

James has a passion for new technologies that are making great advances for the legal technology sector. James’s goal is to help firms, large and small to quickly adopt new technology, successfully implement them and derive the long term benefits that firms should enjoy.

Contact James about: Business Improvement Software, Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support, Implementation

Justin Westacott.

Implementation Consultant, Australia.

Justin joined the team in March 2020 and brings with him over a decade of experience in Data Analysis and Migration services. Specialising in Data Migrations for our NetDocuments clients, he understands that when it comes to your data, the devil is in the details and he is strongly focused on delivering quality migration outcomes.

Contact Justin about: Migrating Data into NetDocuments, Document Management Solutions, Email Management Solutions

Kelly Noble.

Client Onboarding and Training, Australia.

Joining the team in August 2016, Kelly has significantly bolstered the change management and training capabilities at Verlata, with over 10 years’ experience in implementing new products, driving change management and providing outstanding training. This skillset allows Kelly to help our clients effectively implement and utilise their Practice Management and Document Management Systems, and to customise their systems to gain the maximum benefit for their business.

Contact Kelly about: Practice Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support, Implementation

Kelly Wright.

Solutions Team Leader, Australia.

Kelly leads our Software Solutions teams at Verlata. With over 8 years of experience working in and managing legal practices, Kelly understands what law firms are looking for in their practice management and document management solutions. Her legal and management skillset allows her to provide insightful recommendations and advice to clients looking to make software changes and enhancements in their practice. Kelly oversees all aspects of the onboarding process for our Actionstep, NetDocuments and other business improvement software.  From the client experience to demonstrations of the program, implementation, training and support, Kelly will be a key player in guiding your team throughout the transition and after.

Contact Kelly about: Practice Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, other Business Improvement Software, Training, Technical Support, Implementation, Migration

Kiana Larkins.

Bookkeeper and Software Training Consultant, Australia.

Kiana has a passion for client service and delivering the best outcomes for clients. With extensive experience in various customer service and training roles, Kiana is able to tailor her approach to meet each client’s requirements and build a strong rapport. With a strong focus on responsiveness and quality, Kiana delivers outstanding results for our fantastic clients.

Kiana provides our clients with Bookkeeping services and practice management system support to help provide an efficient administrative and financial flow in their business.

Kiana is currently completing her Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Contact Kiana about: Practice Management Solutions, Technical Support, Implementation, Bookkeeping

Maggie Raad.

Client Success Specialist, Australia.

Maggie’s core focus is to develop enduring relationships with clients by providing the most appropriate solutions to meet their specific business requirements. Maggie is committed to exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional service when providing implementation, training and support. Maggie has a passion for training and demonstrating to clients how they can get the most out of their Practice Management and Document Management Solutions.

Contact Maggie about: Practice Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Training, Technical Support, Implementation

Megan Williamson.

Training Specialist, Australia.

Megan is a highly skilled, people focused and enthusiastic training and education professional.  She has over 10 years working in training, implementation and delivery of IT based programs in the Legal industry.

Her role at Verlata is to provide our clients with easy to follow training materials and videos ensuring a smooth transition when moving over to our programs.

Contact Megan about: Practice Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Training

Nicholas Mulrine.

Developer, Australia.

Nic strives to develop superior software and deliver an excellent customer experience. He loves working with new technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with computers.

Nic is keenly focused on the adoption of continuous delivery pipelines, minimising waste and improving developer productivity. He has a particular interest in leveraging AWS cloud technologies to develop effective lightweight and scalable software solutions.

Robyna May.

Power BI Consultant, Australia.

Robyna works within our Power BI team. She loves taking raw data and developing it into clear visual representations that can be used to inform strategic decisions.

Her roles before Verlata have been varied, but always within legal tech. She has worked as a project manager, IT manager, knowledge director, legal firm practice manager, technical consultant and software developer. This broad range of experience allows her to see both the technical and practical sides of any project.  In each of these roles, she has had a keen interest in pulling data from various sources and presenting it in such a way that allows decision makers to have a clear, birds eye view of their practice.

With degrees in both IT and Law, she has a very good understanding of how law firms work and how technology can support them.  She regularly writes and presents on topics associated with the intersection of IT and law.

Contact Robyna about: Business Intelligence Reporting from any source

Sean O’Brien.

Developer, Australia.

Sean specialises in the more technically challenging migration of system data, developing custom web and desktop applications and integration between enterprise applications. Sean has a special interest in cloud technologies.

Contact Sean about: IT Advice, Document Management Solutions, Practice Management Solutions, Email Management Solutions, Web and Application Development

Sharlene Romero.

Administration Officer, Australia.

Sharlene joined the team in March 2015 and comes to our firm with a wealth of experience working in a diverse range of adminstrative roles. Sharlene can help you by quickly answering many of the simple tax and ASIC questions.

Angela Dionysius.

Senior Accountant, Australia.

Angela having invested almost 20 years of her life into Accounting and Taxation has a broad range of experience to share with clients on both tax and general business. Ang believes accountants have an opportunity to do much more than just ‘tick the boxes’ when it comes to business clients, especially in the areas of profitability and cashflow.

Contact Angela about: Accounting and Tax Services

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