Transform your Actionstep data into insights allowing your firm to make better strategic business decisions

Viewpoint is a dynamic and interactive set of dashboards and reports that give you a holistic, birds eye view of your firm with the ability to easily deep dive into data points.

Built on Microsoft’s Power BI platform, Viewpoint includes the following dashboards and reports:

  • Managing Partner Dashboard
  • Aged Debtors Report (Summary & Detail)
  • File Openings Report
  • Fees Billed Report (Fee Earner & Clients + Matters)
  • Productivity Report (Time Recording & Detail)
  • WIP Report (Summary & Detail)
  • Daily Time Recording
Dashboard Sample

Viewpoint Dashboard - giving you a one page view of your KPIs and providing a window into your reports

Debtors Analysis - Manage your debtors through visual representations and drill throughs to invoice details

Daily Time Recording - Understand your fee earner capacity and how hours recorded are tracking against budget.

Productivity Analysis - Measure and compare fee earner productivity over the financial year

Fees Billed (Fee Earner Analysis) - Check your actual fees billed against budget

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics platform, by Microsoft, that gives you a single view of your critical business data. You can monitor the health of your business easily each day through your own customised dashboards and reports. You access Power BI through your Office 365 subscription + Power BI Pro licenses.

Benefits of Viewpoint

Rich, visual, dashboards and reports with the ability to deep dive into data.

Pulls data straight from your Actionstep system

No need for ad hoc Excel exports and managing versioning, multiple reports and formulas.

Improves business decision making through easy and timely access to high level data overviews

It’s built by Microsoft so it’s easy to use and familiar to users

Saves time through accessible reports that are immediately available.

Saves money through increased transparency into data allowing more effective debtor, WIP, billing, file and performance management.

Provides security and comfort that financial metrics are at a firm’s fingertips and decision makers are up-to-date and aware of their firm’s finances.

How it works with Actionstep

  • Actionstep activates the connection to your system to allow an overnight export of data.
  • We build you a secure database, which is hosted in Azure.
  • Each evening, Actionstep will provide us with a data snapshot of your system.
  • Using a Verlata proprietary tool, this data is imported overnight into the Azure database.
    The Power BI reports are written against this Azure database.
    Please note that data is current as per the previous days’ COB.

Interactive Sample

The below is an interactive sample of the File Openings report.
You can interact with the report, apply filters, sort columns and get a sense of how Power BI presents data in a dynamic way.
This is best viewed and interacted with in a desktop environment.

Where to next?

If you would like a personal demonstration and pricing details of Viewpoint please contact us at

If Viewpoint doesn’t quite tick the boxes you need, we also provide custom reporting within Power BI for a fixed fee.
Learn more about what’s possible with custom reporting here.

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